The Cultural Significance Of Media: An Excerpt From A Mediac

  I find myself consuming a lot of media lately, though I can say with certainty it’s because the nature of my work is media related. During this ritualistic reflection, I’d like to take some time to rant. Anything meaningful or provocative is graciously coincidental. Thank you for being curious. I turn my attention specifically […]

Why Movies Should Be Curated?

At a recent gathering of fellow content creators, the eventual subject of curation came up. It is a common phrase used in the creative world these days, and rightly so. We even offered our ideas about what curation is in one of our previous blog posts. (Read “What is curation?” here.) In that post we […]

3 Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Film Idea

Embarking on a new film, whether a short or feature, requires a lot of time, money, creative problem solving, resources, sweat equity and TIME (did we mention that already?). So before jumping into that project that you want to land in a movie theatre, on a television screen or on the latest tablet, there are […]

What is “curation”?

Curation is a major buzzword in distribution these days—some because they do it (and do it well), others because they don’t do it at all. It comes down to a matter of “taste,” which is obviously subjective, but we experience curation in various aspects of life from our choice of underwear to the cheese we […]

In the Editing Room: #SelfieSecrets

Spending time in the editing room quickly makes you aware of the magic in watching raw footage turn into a complete assembly. In this process you go through the mundane repetition of reliving an experience over and over again as you discover how to trim and organize the footage into the story that brings out […]

Why NuKhu?

Like the children of today, when I was a child, I gravitated towards technology. There is something inherently creative and resolute about it.  With its efficiency comes exploration and I’ve used this idea to help guide my passion for movies: I like to make them and I like to watch them. What is a movie?  There is […]