What is “curation”?

Curation is a major buzzword in distribution these days—some because they do it (and do it well), others because they don’t do it at all. It comes down to a matter of “taste,” which is obviously subjective, but we experience curation in various aspects of life from our choice of underwear to the cheese we prefer.


At NuKhu, we look at “curation” as selection and organization.

Some things just feel good and in applying that sentiment to entertainment, our goal is to help people spend more time watching REALLY good movies.

While what engages us reflects personal taste, there are recurring themes in our review process:

1. Concept
Is a movie conceptual? Does it require thought beyond what’s present on the screen?

2. Aesthetic
Is it visually exciting to watch with regard to composition and design? Is this the most engaging execution of this concept?

3. Relatable
Is the movie authentic? Is it personable? It is human nature to relate to the environment. A movie is alive. It speaks to us and we listen. A relatable film makes us want to understand.

Neil Sanjay | Chief

Why do you think curation is or isn’t important?