Why Movies Should Be Curated?

At a recent gathering of fellow content creators, the eventual subject of curation came up. It is a common phrase used in the creative world these days, and rightly so. We even offered our ideas about what curation is in one of our previous blog posts. (Read “What is curation?” here.)


In that post we described the fundamentals of curation: selection and organization. With the extraordinarily large quantities of movies, video and film being created daily by, what seems like, limitless sources, curation has become a resource for audiences seeking specificity. There is too much to navigate through and not enough time to do so.


Curation can take more structured and interactive forms, like ours here at nukhu. It can also happen in plainer ways, like simple word of mouth. By choosing to watch, forward and share your thoughts about a movie, you are essentially providing a curated experience for your friends, family, followers and colleagues.


So why should we continue to curate content?


With such large volumes of options that range widely in genre, style, quality and length, it is simply impossible to watch it all. Curation, particularly from trustworthy sources, helps us as audience members connect with films that truly match our viewing objectives. Content that has been viewed and vetted for a specific catalogue allows for heightened exposure, less fatigue, and greater relevancy.


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Q: How do you curate content?