Why NuKhu?

When I was a child, I gravitated towards technology. There is something inherently expressive about it. I understand it as a tool and use it to express myself.

After graduating high school, I started to feel the pressures of society in new ways. For the first time, I started to appreciate the burden that broadcast news places on people and felt determined to build a news publication that prioritized the telling of good news.

During my filmmaking undergraduate at New York University, my good news idea evolved into a video platform that streams films featuring human diversity. As I experienced the difficult journey for a filmmaker on the festival circuit, navigating agents, contracts, and opportunity costs, I felt there was a need to empower filmmakers with the tools for self-distribution and unite them under a respected name.

I wanted the name of the platform to represent the grandest achievements of humanity and I researched human history to find examples. I fell in love with the idea of the first appearance of the written word in Ancient Egypt as a means to preserve history and tell stories. With a limited selection of a couple of hundred words, “nu” and “khu” stood out to me as concepts worth preserving.

The “nu” is a swirling watery chaos from which the cosmic order was produced. The “khu” is the everlasting human spirit-soul. Together, these components make up all and everything that is human.

I applied this same identity to the culture and nomenclature of the nukhu community.

What is a film
A film is a worthy image.

What is a nuvee?
Nuvees are nukhu films (movies).

Nuvees are strictly curated by the nukhu committee, to ensure content adheres to the nukhu spirit. Nuvees aren’t funded or owned by traditional Hollywood. They’re supported and dependent on film fans like you.

We shouldn’t be limited to browse mindless channels of the same genre films similar to what we’ve already seen when we can use technology to help us browse a diverse selection of films from international filmmakers and educate ourselves on the broad ranges of humanity.

We support this through genre tags that allow niche films to find niche audiences. Using analytics, our partners can create more of the content viewers like and distribute it under their terms.

These features, along with many others, built into a film festival framework, are why I started nukhu. That’s the power of when humanity meets technology.

Sanjay Singh

Chief | nukhu.com | Milky Way

Author: Sanjay Singh

Sanjay Singh is an artist from New York. He likes to imagine and build stuff. After studying Film and Television at New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, he founded nukhu (noo-koo), and produced commercial media content for healthcare providers, financial service providers, quick-service-restaurants, fashion brands, craft restaurants, alcohol manufacturers, technology groups, cannabis start-ups, non-profit organizations, and small businesses. nukhu has evolved into a community of curated stories and storytellers.